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At the Asterisk cli you can try to type in:

misdn <tab> <tab>

Now you should see the misdn cli commands:

  • clean -> pid (cleans a broken call, use with care, leads often to a segmentation fault)
  • send -> display (sends a Text Message to a Asterisk channel, this channel must be an misdn channel)
  • set -> debug (sets debug level)
  • show ->
    • config (shows the configuration options)
    • channels (shows the current active misdn channels)
    • channel (shows details about the given misdn channels)
    • stacks (shows the current ports, their protocols and states)
    • fullstacks (shows the current active and inactive misdn channels)
  • restart -> port (restarts given port (L2 Restart) ) - reload (reloads misdn.conf)

You can only use "misdn send display" when an Asterisk channel is created and isdn is in the correct state. "correct state" means that you have established a call to another phone (must not be isdn though).

Then you use it like this:

misdn send display mISDN/1/101 "Hello World!" 

where 1 is the Port of the Card where the phone is plugged in, and 101 is the msn (callerid) of the Phone to send the text to.

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