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DAHDI is a collection of open source drivers, for linux, that are used to interface with a variety of telephony related hardware. It consists of two parts.

  • The DAHDI-Linux project contains the individual board drivers for the supported hardware. 
  • The DAHDI-Tools project contains an assortment of user space utilities that are used to setup and test the drivers.

Current Development Source


DAHDI was previously kept on, but has instead been moved to Github. Please use the Github repositories as they are the most up to date and where future changes will occur.




Stable Release Tarball


How to get help

Where can I file a DAHDI bug report?

  • If you think you have found a bug in DAHDI itself, you can submit it to our bug tracker in the DAHDILIN project. Much of the Asterisk Issue Guidelines will apply.
  • If your bug is with chan_dahdi (the Asterisk channel driver for DAHDI) then you'll file it in the ASTERISK project.




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