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Digium A-Series Phones provide a Contacts application that allows searching and dialing from a list of parties.  On the phone, the application supports both locally added contacts as well as remote lists of contacts. This page focuses on the use of remote lists of contacts.

Loading a Contact List

Remote retrieval, as a part of the phone's configuration file, is controlled with the AUTOUPDATE CONFIG MODULE configuration section with the Auto Pbook Url configuration parameter, e.g.:

Contacts XML skeleton


Because Contacts are constructed in XML, and because Digium phones do not point out XML errors to you, it is very important to verify the syntax of your XML before sending it to the phone. If your syntax is invalid, the XML file will fail to load, and you might wonder why your Contacts don't show up. So, you should use an XML editor or some other tool (Chrome, xmllint, etc.) to verify your syntax before sending XML to the phone.

A basic Contacts XML structure is defined here:

Contactx XML Structure example

And, a more fleshed-out example looks like:

XML Contact Example

AsteriskIPPhoneDirectory Element

DirectoryEntry: Child Element of <AsteriskIPPhoneDirectory>




NamestringSpecifies the name of the contact.



Specifies the number to be dialed for this contact.

MobilestringSpecifies a mobile number to be dialed for this contact.



Specifies an additional, other number to be dialed for this contact.

RingInteger, 1-9, Defaults to 2Sets the ringing type, from 1-9, of the phone for calls received from numbers matching this contact. Defaults to 2.
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