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Thank you for your Asterisk Starter Kit purchase. This Quick Start Guide will provide the basic configuration guidance for the Digium TDM422 Analog Card, Digium D40 phones and basic calling rules. Parameters entered are specific to your application and traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) provider of telephony services.

Installation of your Digium Analog Card

First, your Digium analog card should be installed into a dedicated PC. Instructions for installation of the card are in the card's installation manual, available here:

Please follow the instructions until Chapter 2, through the Hardware Installation section, stopping before the Software Installation section. You do not need to continue past that, as the remainder of the configuration will be performed inside the FreePBX® GUI interface.

Installation of AsteriskNOW

Next, please download AsteriskNOW 3.0 from:
The installation consists of an ISO image, burnable to DVD media, and is provided for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Once AsteriskNOW had been downloaded, it should be installed onto a dedicated PC.


The installation of AsteriskNOW will remove all other data on a system. It does not co-exist with other other operating systems.

To install AsteriskNOW, please follow the installation guide, available at:

Digium Analog Card Configuration

Once your AsteriskNOW system is installed, begin configuration of the TDM422 card.

  • From the FreePBX® Admin Screen click the “Connectivity” button and choose “DAHDI”
  • The DAHDI screen will display your analog card and FXO/FXS configuration options
  • Click “Edit” to configure the signaling of each FXO and FXS port 

  • To configure Global Hardware settings for the TDM422, click the “Global Settings” Option on the upper right side of the DAHDI Settings Screen:

    For specific trunk (FXO) parameters, please consult your analog service provider

  • Create a trunk for calls inbound and outbound through your PSTN provider:
    • Click the “Connectivity” button and choose “Trunks”
    • Select “Add DAHDI Trunk”
    • Within the DAHDI Trunk settings screen set the name, outbound caller ID and all other parameters to match your trunk parameters.

Digium Phone Configuration

Once your Digium Analog Card has been configured properly, your Digium phones should be configured. To configure your Digium D40 phones with AsteriskNOW, please follow the QuickStart guide here:

Call Routing Rules

After your Digium phones are configured, inbound and outbound calling routes should be created in order to both receive and place calls to the PSTN.

  • Outgoing routes are configured by clicking the “Connectivity” button and “Outbound Rules”
  • Incoming routes are configured by clicking the “Connectivity” button and “Inbound Routes”

More Resources

This guide is intended to provide assistance of basic setup options for the Asterisk Starter Kit. Additional resources for configuring additional functionality in your Asterisk PBX can be found at the following locations:

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