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Changes for 1.2

  • Software Releases
    • New DPMA release 1.2.0
    • New phone firmware 1.1.0
    • New Certified Asterisk release asterisk-1.8.11-cert5
  • Phone Features
    • Phone - FTP(s) provisioning now supported
    • Call Queues phone application
    • Send to VM
    • Dial VM
    • Call Recording
    • has_voicemail Contact XML configuration option
    • enable_check_sync remote reconfigure option
    • Network XML configuration options
  • DPMA Changes
    • firmware_url_prefix has bee renamed file_url_prefix
    • Network configuration concept and options
    • Ringtone and Alert configuration concepts and options
    • mdns_address and mdns_port General configuration options
    • registration_address, registration_port and file_url_prefix (was firmware_url_prefix) are now Network configuration options, not General options
    • ntp_server is now a Network configuration options, not a Phone option
    • Phone option ringtone now controls ringtones loaded onto phone and active_ringtone controls default ringing tone
    • Applications configuration concept and options
      • Queues application
    • network, application, record_own_calls, send_to_vm, alert, lock_preferences, login_password, accept_local_calls, display_mc_notification, brightness, contrast, dim_backlight, backlight_timeout, backlight_dim_level, ringer_volume, speaker_volume, handset_volume, headset_volume, reset_call_volume, headset_answer, name_format and active_ringtone Phone configuration options
    • Send to / Dial VM functionality
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