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The purpose of this wiki page is to provide a series of commonly asked questions and answers about the capabilities of the D80 telephone.


(question) Does the D80 have any physical keys?

No.  It is entirely keyless.


(question) What I/O ports does the D80 offer?

The D80 offers the same I/O jacks as Digium's D6x line of phones:

  • LAN port
  • PC port
  • Headset port
  • Handset port
  • EHS port


(question) Can I plug a headset into the handset I/O port or vice versa?

No.  The D80 supports headsets in the headset port and handsets in the handset port only.


(question) Does the D80 use a different handset from Digium's other phones?

No.  The D80 uses the same handset as Digium's line of D6x model phones.


(question) Does the D80 use a different desk stand from Digium's other phones?

No.  The D80 uses the same desk stand as Digium's line of D6x model phones.


(question) Does the D80 use a different wall mount bracket from Digium's other phones?

No.  The D80 uses the same wall mount bracket as Digium's line of D6x model phones.


(question) What LEDs are provided on the D80?

The D80 provides one light pipe that serves many functions including MWI, On-Call and Screening.  It can indicate green, red, and amber.


(question) What are the specs of the LCD?

The D80's LCD is a backlit, full-color 800x1280 portrait-orientation IPS display.


(question) Does the LCD remain on indefinitely?

The D80's LCD will switch to Dream Mode after the phone is idle for 15 minutes.  This is not configurable.  In Dream Mode, the phone reduces brightness and operates in a manner to prevent display burn-in.


(question) What firmware is on my D80?

D80s at manufacture were built with either 1.0.3, 1.1.2, or firmware.  Current firmware is 1.10.x and contains numerous bug-fixes and new features.  Before reporting any issue, please ensure you are on a current firmware.


(question) What version of Switchvox do I need to use a D80?

The minimum version is Switchvox 6.3.5.  Switchvox 6.3.5 and 6.3.6 provide firmware  Newer versions of Switchvox provide newer firmware versions, see the Switchvox Release Notes page.


(question) What version of DPMA do I need to use a D80?

DPMA 3.3.2 is the minimum, however it contains a number of bugs that have already been resolved by the now-available DPMA 3.4.1.


(question) Can I attach a D80 to something other than Switchvox or DPMA+Asterisk?

No.  The D80 does not support provisioning over XML or connection to a system that is not Switchvox or DPMA+Asterisk.


(question) What are the specifics of the idle logo / wallpaper support?

The D80 can load a custom, user-provided idle logo.  The logo can be up to 800x1280 pixels and should be provided in PNG format.  The top and bottom of the logo will be clipped by the overlaid Status and Tool bars.  In firmwares prior to 1.3.0, the logo will be scaled up to 800x1280 - this can be undesirable.  In firmware 1.3.0 and greater, the logo is not scaled on the phone, only centered.


(question) Can I load a logo larger than 800x1280 onto the D80?

It may be technically possible; however, it should not be done.  Larger logos require scaling down, which consumes additional CPU and memory with every displayed screen.  This will lead to reduced performance and potentially other negative consequences.  Avoid logos larger than 800x1280.


(question) Does the D80 provide a way for setting a Static IP address?

Yes.  As of firmware, static IP addresses may be set from the phone's boot menu configuration.


(question) Can the D80 retrieve a pre-provisioning XML file from a Boot66 directive?

No.  In current firmwares, the D80 can only respond to the "sip:proxy@host:port" Boot66 directive.


(question) Does the SIP allow manual SIP Account entry?

No.  In current firmwares, the D80 can only be provisioned by DPMA and/or Switchvox.


(question) Does the D80 include a built-in web-interface for configuration?

No.  In current firmwares, the D80 can only be provisioned by DPMA and/or Switchvox.  If a user browses to the web URL of the D80, early firmwares will respond with a "Hello World" page.  Later firmwares will respond with a stylized page that indicates configuration is not done via the web interface.


(question) Does the D80 allow a user to manually configure VLAN settings?

Yes.  As of firmware, VLAN configuration may be set from the phone's boot menu configuration.


(question) Can a user manually select a Phone Network from the D80?

No.  In current firmwares, users cannot manually select a Phone Network from the D80's user interface.


(question) Does the D80 support 802.1X authentication?

Yes.  As of firmware 1.9.5, 802.1X authentication may be configured on the D80.


(question) How can a user perform a factory reset before the UI loads?

The D80 can be factory reset by pressing and holding for 7 seconds any three corners of the screen during the boot process when the white Digium logo and spinner are shown.


(question) Can a user or administrator take a screenshot from the D80's screen buffer?

Yes.  Beginning with firmware 1.4.0, screen shots can be taken by browsing to http://[ip of phone]/cgi-bin/screen_shot and authenticating using the login "admin" and the phone's login_password (defaults to "789").


(question) If Digium's Support department needs a debug capture from a D80, what should I do?

Point your web browser to http://[ip of phone]/cgi-bin/ptsr

The phone will generate a debug capture - it may take a minute or more, and may pause for many seconds during the process - that you can remit to Digium's Support department for troubleshooting.


(question) How many SIP registrations does the D80 support?

Beginning with firmware 1.6.0, the D80 is capable of handling up to six (6) SIP registrations.


(question) Does the D80 support more than one concurrent call?

Yes.  The D80 supports many concurrent calls, but no more than two active audio paths - only when in a local three-way conference call.  Generally, only one call is active at any given time.


(question) Does the D80 support other locales?

Yes.  Beginning with firmware 1.3.0, the D80 supports local time, date and tones for Digium's currently supported locales (de_DE, en_AU, en_CA, en_GB, en_NZ, en_US, es_ES, es_MX, fr_BE, fr_CA, fr_FR, it_IT, nl_BE, nl_NL, pt_BR, pt_PT and ru_RU).  Translation support was added in firmware 1.4.0.


(question) Can users change the timezone offset of the phone, from the phone?

Yes.  Beginning with firmware 1.3.0, timezone offset can be found under the Localization Settings menu item.


(question) Can users set a 24-hour clock from the phone?

Yes.  Beginning with firmware 1.4.0, the 24-Hour Time Format may be enabled under the Localization Settings menu item.


(question) What are the functions in the Tool bar?

From left-to-right, the functions are Mute, Speakerphone / Handsfree, Headset, Volume Down/Up, Home, Keypad, Favorites.


(question) Does the Mute function work before the phone is off-hook?

No.  If the D80 is still on-hook, Mute is non-functional.  It must be engaged after the phone has gone off-hook or after it has initiated a dial.


(question) If my profile picture isn't showing up in the D80's Navigation drawer, what might be amiss?

It's likely that you have a list of contacts that doesn't include yourself at all.  The D80 consults its account information and compares that to its list of retrieved contacts and uses the photo from the contact that matches its own account ID.  If you don't see your photo, you're not in your own contacts list.


(question) How do I access the Favorites drawer, instead of the full-screen Favorites app?

Perform a swipe from the right edge of the screen towards the middle in order to open the Favorites drawer.  The drawer will close when you tap off of it, or other activity occurs on the phone.


(question) I see an Unavailable status in my list of options when a D80 is attached to DPMA+Asterisk.  Is this normal?

Yes.  Other models of Digium's phones did not process the "Unavailable" status type until firmware  Prior to this, other models of Digium's phones silently discarded the Unavailable status type. The D80 correctly processes the Unavailable status type.If you want to make it disappear, load any custom statuses from DPMA to the phone and only those custom statuses will be displayed.  This has the added benefit of allowing the D80 to completely do away with any status, including the DND status, if so-desired.


(question) Does the D80 offer a Queues app like other models of Digium phones?

No.  The D80 does not offer a Queues app.  The Queues app functionality on other Digium phones has been greatly eclipsed by the functionality available in Switchvox's Switchboard, which allows for great control over callers - out-of-order answering, tag for a specific agent, promote within the Queue, etc.  The best Queues experience is found within the Switchboard.


(question) Does the D80 offer a Forward app like other models of Digium phones?

No.  Call forwarding is best done outside of the phone.  Traditional call forward apps cannot be manipulated externally - you have to physically be at the phone.  They're also limited in capability.  Direction of calls to other numbers is best handled within Switchvox calling rules, optionally via manipulation of custom Statuses, that can then be manipulated from a desk phone, mobile phone, or web browser into the user portal or Switchboard.


(question) Can the D80 attach Bluetooth headsets?

Yes.  Beginning with firmware 1.4.0, Bluetooth Headsets may be paired and used.


(question) How can I dismiss an activity card?

An Activity Card can be dismissed by swiping it left or right, or by acting on it in a final fashion - returning a missed call, deleting a voicemail, picking up a parked call, etc.


(question) An application or menu item is greyed out on my phone, why?

The functionality, other than not-currently-implemented Bootconfig items, has likely been disabled by your System Administrator.  Please contact them.


(question) How can I determine my IP address?

The IP address of the phone, along with the phone's firmware version, MAC address, registered-to PBX and registration status, can be accessed from the Boot menu "About" item or by scrolling to the bottom of the Navigation drawer.


(question) What controls my name in the Navigation drawer?

Your name within the navigation drawer is controlled by your Line Label within Switchvox and/or DPMA.


(question) Does the D80 support the full capability of Smart BLF for those elements that aren't currently used by Switchvox?

Much of the capability of Smart BLF is available when using the D80, especially as it pertains to behaviors conditional on target status.


(question) Does the D80 support voicemail rewind and fast-forward by dragging the playback slider?

No.  Voicemail rewind and fast-forward are not possible in current D80 firmware versions.


(question) Does swiping away a voicemail activity card delete the voicemail?

No.  The voicemail will remain on the PBX until it is deleted.  Further, when you restart a phone, any unread voicemail messages will show up as voicemail activity cards on your idle screen.  You can clear them all away by visiting the voicemail application from the Navigation drawer.


(question) Does the D80 support the attended method of parking transfer type?

No.  This is a hardly-used method and is not supported by the D80.


(question) If someone else answers a parked call, will it remove the parked call activity card from my activity stream?

No.  There is no mechanism within Asterisk's Parking capabilities currently to push any such notification to a phone that would allow it to remove a parked call card.


(question) Does the D80 support SIP URI dialing?

No.  Current firmwares do not provide any capability for SIP URI dialing.


(question) Does the D80's contacts app support Switchvox' contact tags?

No.  In current firmware, the D80's contacts app will show All Contacts.


(question) Does the D80 support the host_alternate account option, providing for registration to a primary and a backup (failover) server?

Yes.  As of firmware 1_10_0 (in beta as of this update), the D80 supports the host_alternate account option.  In the D80, it operates slightly differently in that account failover only occurs when the SIP registration timer is reached, whereas on other models failover also is triggered upon an outbound dial that returns an ICMP Unreachable message as a result of a failure to contact the designated host and port combination.


(question) Does the D80 support exotic codecs?

No.  In current firmware, the D80 supports G.711 u-law, G.711 a-law and G.722.


(question) Does the D80 support TLS as transport types?

No.  In current firmware, the D80 supports only UDP and TCP.


(question) Does the D80 support SDES SRTP?

No.  In current firmware, the D80 does not support SDES SRTP.


(question) Does the D80 support Multicast RTP plaback?

Yes.  As of firmware 1_11_0 (in beta as of this update), the D80 supports playback of multicast audio streams as with other D-Series telephone models.


(question) Does the D80 work with Digium's Digium Phone Add-on for FreePBX?

Yes.  Beginning with version of the Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX (DPAF), contacts and favorites are correctly populated for the D80.


(question) I have a D80 with factory firmware (prior to 1.3.0) that has attached itself to a VLAN using LLDP and it fails to retrieve an extension from a DPMA server, what's going wrong?

Firmwares prior to 1.3.0 have an issue applying config items that are tied to a specific network when the phone is attached to a VLAN.  To work around this issue, for the purposes of upgrading the firmware to address the bug, attach only a wildcard (cidr= network to the phone.


(question) I have a D80 with factory firmware (prior to 1.3.0) that fails to download and apply firmware, what's going wrong?

Firmwares prior to 1.3.0 will fail to apply properly if they take longer than 2 minutes to download; this works out to about a 15Mbps connection.  This is not problematic for most LAN scenarios or those with high-speed Internet access, but can be troublesome if the bandwidth is restricted.  Attempt to put the firmware server local to the phone so that it can be downloaded quickly and the problem can be avoided with newer firmware.


(question) I'm using my D80 in a locale other than en_US and when dialing an outbound number, during ringback, I hear an unpleasant tone, what's going wrong?

Firmwares prior to 1.3.0 fail to properly playback non-US ringing tones.  Upgrade yourself to firmware 1.3.0 or later or Switchvox 6.4 or later.


(question) I have assigned the PC port of the D80 to VLAN 1 and now the D80 fails to properly join a VLAN, what's going wrong?

The PC port of the D80 shouldn't be assigned to VLAN 1.  VLAN 1 is sometimes used as the untagged VLAN.  Instead, leave the PC Port assignment blank, and the PC port will automatically be handled by the untagged (native) VLAN.

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