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Ringtones loaded onto Digium phones using DPMA or using XML provisioning should be 16-bit, 16kHz raw signed linear audio files. .wav files are not acceptable. If a .wav file is used, distortion may be heard in the audio as the phone plays back the ringtone. In order to generate a raw signed linear audio file from a .wav file, the sox utility, or any other audio manipulation utility that can handle .wav and raw signed linear files can be used.

To convert a .wav file into an appropriate signed linear file, using the sox utility, the following command-line example should be used:

sox -V myfile.wav -t raw -r 16000 -s -w -c 1 myfile.sln

Downsampling higher bitrate files, e.g. 48kHz, to lower bitrate files, e.g. 16kHz as used for ringtones, is acceptable. Upsampling lower bitrate files to higher bitrates, e.g. 8kHz to 16kHz, will produce files that do not sound pleasing.

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