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This guide describes how to enable App Development Mode on a Digium Phone. App Development Mode must be enabled in order to use the Web or CGI app development tools.


While your phone has App Development mode enabled, we recommend that it is connected to a trusted network.


To enable App Development mode, follow these steps on your Digium Phone. 

  1. Press the More... softkey to scroll until the Menu softkey is available (or press the Menu button on a D70)
  2. Press the Menu softkey
  3. In the Main Menu, select Admin Settings
  4. Enter the Admin Password and press Submit
  5. Select System Tools
  6. Select Enable App Development
  7. Press Select
  8. Press OK when the phone indicates the configuration is being updated.

App Development mode is a toggle. If it's enabled, System Tools displays Disable App Development. When selected, that disables app development mode and displays the Enable App Development option again.

Be careful if you are deploying a production app and doing development. The phone will use the most recent version of the app (based on the zip file's Md5sum), and the settings and values provided in development. The only time you will open an app from development and see the production settings and values, is if that setting is not being used in development. In other words, the recent Md5sum wins, and the developement values win against production values with the same setting.

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