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This page describes the process for enabling licensed codecs on the Digium D6x model series telephones - D60, D62, and D65.


Digium's D40, D45, D50 and D70 model phones include already-enabled G.729a support.  Including already-enabled G.729a support on the telephones requires that Digium pay royalties to the G.729a patent holders for each phone. Thus, the purchase price of each D40, D45, D50 and D70 phones takes that into account.  Digium conducted a survey of users of those models of telephones and determined that only a very small fraction of telephones ever actually used the G.729a codec; rather, users take advantage of other codecs including G.711 u-law/a-law, wideband G.722 and G.726.

When Digium developed the D6x model series of telephones, the D60, D62 and D65, Digium sought to keep customer prices as low as possible.  Towards this goal, Digium determined that by disabling G.729a by default, and requiring activation to use it, we would only be burdened by the royalty on the small percentage of telephones that need G.729a, not the vast majority that do not need G.729.

G.729a Activation 

Digium's D60, D62 and D65 model phones are fully capable of utilizing the G.729a codec for calls.  The G.729a codec is disabled by default.  To enable it, the phone will need Internet access  to register its use of the codec with Digium, and access to the phone's User Interface - not the phone's Web UI.


  • From the phone's idle screen, e.g.:


  • You need to access the phone's Main Menu.  To access the phone's Main Menu, press either the phone's Check ((tick)) confirmation key, located above the Navigation Pad, or press the More softkey twice until you see the Menu softkey, which you should then press.  When you have entered the Main Menu, you will see:


  • Using the Navigation Pad, scroll down to the Advanced menu item, e.g.:


  • Use the Check ((tick)) confirmation key, or the Select softkey to enter the Advanced menu.  Once there, you will see:


  • Using the Navigation Pad, scroll down to the Enabled Licensed Codec Support menu item, e.g.:


  • Use the Check ((tick)) confirmation key, or the Select softkey to enter the Enabled Licensed Codec Support menu.  Once there, you will see:


  • Use the Check ((tick)) confirmation key, or the Yes softkey to confirm your choice (or the Cancel (error) key or the No softkey to decline).  If you confirm, you will see:


  • Now, use the OK softkey, the Cancel  (error) key, or the phone's first Line key to exit this menu.  You will then be returned to the Main Menu:


  • Use the Back softkey, the Cancel (error) key, or the phone's first Line key to exit this menu.  You will then be returned to the phone's Idle screen, and your phone will restart:


When your phone reboots, it will contact Digium to enable G.729a support and continue the boot process normally.  Once G.729a has been enabled for your phone, you do not have to enable it again.  The enablement survives all firmware updates, downgrades and factory default operations.  Enabling G.729a for Digium's model D60, D62, and D65 phones does not require any additional user payment beyond the purchase of the phone itself.


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