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Phone Firmware Downloads

Digium Phone firmware releases are made available in tarballs at the following download location:

The releases are numbered in the format:

firmware_MAJOR_MINOR_BUGFIX_BUILD_package.tar.gz, e.g.


Each tarball contains four .eff firmware files, one for each Digium phone model, as well as a digium_phones_firmware.conf configuration file, for use with older DPMA and AsteriskNOW installations.

Firmware Releases and Changes


  • Issues Resolved
    • Occasional parsing errors on dial plans
    • Correct Portuguese translation errors
    • Correct Italian translation errors
    • Empty XML no longer breaks contacts search
    • Phone properly plays ringing tone previews from the phone UI
    • Phone no longer restarts due to untimely use of DTMF while a call is proceeding
  • New Features:
    • Phone can now play ringing tone out the headset port, not out the loudspeaker
    • Add account attribute needMwiSubscription to allow turning off or on MWI subscription
MD5 Sums
  • 9cbc8377c99fb2f7f7d5fa26fe3faf90  2_0_2_0_78957_D40_firmware.eff
  • 04650586860e9940118091f4e58f74c2  2_0_2_0_78957_D45_firmware.eff
  • f497e4f557e7abe2dbe29454abbdac7f  2_0_2_0_78957_D50_firmware.eff
  • 37e0983db382a54c18222d4d761e0233  2_0_2_0_78957_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved
    • Address occasional phone state error during reconfigure or application use.
  • New Features:
    • None
MD5 Sums
  • fe843347502020614746cb236c6b5197  1_4_2_1_73372_D40_firmware.eff

  • 83654200c4a62f43cc0ecfbe414b5ad7  1_4_2_1_73372_D45_firmware.eff

  • eea4e4ca075640d6752fcb4919fa1e9f  1_4_2_1_73372_D50_firmware.eff

  • 59a246d8241c47b464ec2f2c5d826521  1_4_2_1_73372_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved:
    • An incoming call during a transfer no longer becomes the transfer target, which happened under particular circumstances.
    • Softkeys now display correctly when using the Voicemail app > > Details > More > Forward.
    • Transferring one call while another is incoming no longer stops the incoming call ringing when the transfer completes.
    • Digium Phone speaker light now correctly lights up when off-hook after using the Voicemail App under particular circumstances.
    • When Info is pressed while the phone is off-hook, followed by a Rapid Dial Key for a contact, the contact detail page now opens correctly.
  • New Features:
    • Progress indicator during firmware updates
    • New digium.updateXmlConfig() API to allow custom apps running on XML-Configured phones to request that the phone retrieve a config update
MD5 Sums
  • a092f00093aedea81c9649bd18a35b20 1_4_2_0_63880_D40_firmware.eff

  • 5ecbd7b66fbbb448ff388e54ffc304a3 1_4_2_0_63880_D45_firmware.eff

  • dcfbbd8bd68cd5c0ddfc7b6651f1b440 1_4_2_0_63880_D50_firmware.eff

  • 1908b1643a37d2b9e42bad73237f1016 1_4_2_0_63880_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved:
    • The Forward Calls app now correctly handles forwarding to numbers entered manually
    • Speaker light now resets properly when hanging up an active call to answer an incoming call.
    • All soft keys and feature buttons now function appropriately in the Contacts App when accessed via the Applications list in the Menu.
    • Searching in the Contacts app now allows correct dialing.  This was sometimes interrupted by statuses changing for the phone's rapid dial contacts.
    • LLDP functionality has been modified for the HP A5210 switch.  The phone no longer advertises "Extended Power via MDI-PSE in the LLDP packet.
    • Digits dialed before an incoming page are now cleared from the phone.
    • When receiving two calls at one time, selecting Send VM or Ignore no longer stops the other call from ringing.
    • The Call Log app now displays the primary account by default, even after dialing a secondary account's call.
    • Smart BLF items now load even if the phone's primary account cannot register
  • New Features:
    • The voicemail application can now require a password to be entered before loading
    • The Call Log and Call Forward applications can now be removed from the Applications menu
    • Call waiting tone can be disabled
    • Support model D45 telephone
MD5 Sums
  • 80c4445084b0342dbae61a02f29a1600  1_4_1_0_60822_D40_firmware.eff
  • 0ba129ef37841033152adea8b8d64efe  1_4_1_0_60822_D45_firmware.eff
  • ea3c52d6638212963fbfe21a27e7ec42  1_4_1_0_60822_D50_firmware.eff
  • b47aaf8bd37cf0ba7ebf7506ee0a2395  1_4_1_0_60822_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved:
    • Improve consistency of ringtone playback on state change of watched phones
    • Phone properly answers second incoming call with line key press
  • New Features:
    • The Contacts application has been improved to support actions, display rules, and to provide additional information about user presence
    • Rapid Dial keys have been enhanced with support for Smart BLF
    • Presence and Device Subscriptions are now configurable rather than limited to 40
    • UDP Keep-alive CRLF option for dealing with zealous NAT routers
MD5 Sums
  • b68e25be05d8ad678374397ff252fb6c  1_4_0_0_57389_D40_firmware.eff

  • f7402931f47bf8a86b8734489faa96c4  1_4_0_0_57389_D50_firmware.eff

  • 352c0e3a46662a3c41d30207d6c77786  1_4_0_0_57389_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved:
    • The phone now accommodates certain Cisco switches and 'switchport mode trunk', a setting that could take a long time to negotiate the link with the Digium phones. This extra delay prevented the phone from acquiring LLDP-MED information.
    • Phone now looks at additional packets from the switch until it receives all the LLDP-MED settings. This accommodates certain Cisco switches (eg. Cisco SG500X) that do not send all the LLDP-MED policy settings on the first packet to the phone.
    • Phone now sends an LLDP packet with TTL of zero, to clear the cache on the switch so that it responds with the proper LLDP-MED settings.
MD5 Sums
  • 9cbd293c9f15724f30ccf38311adc637  1_3_3_0_55755_D40_firmware.eff

  • 7bc1f15e3154423c296d6ae3c2b4d827  1_3_3_0_55755_D50_firmware.eff

  • 0da86e7c8e427ccd6098435ff9bff255  1_3_3_0_55755_D70_firmware.eff


  • Issues Resolved:
    • When you adjust the call volume using the volume bar when using the handset, now the volume for the next call is reset to the default volume after you hang up.
    • Translations have been corrected for "reset volume" and "updating firmware" in French, and "Info" in Spanish. 
    • To improve display, phone software was adjusted so account and voicemail lines on the Line Info screen only splits when line length exceeds the display width. 
    • Text displays for Portuguese (PT) and Dutch (NL) languages now align properly. 
    • Voicemail Message Playback in the Voicemail app will not stop if the listener switches from the handset to the speaker then back to the handset.
    • Local contacts are no longer lost when firmware is updated via the phone's web interface. 
  • New Features:
    • PC Port Mode and LAN Port Mode, which set the speed and duplex mode for LAN and PC Ports. These default to Auto, which lets the switch determine the speed.
    • PC Port VLAN settings, which set the VLAN ID and priority for the PC that is plugged into the phone. The default is to not send VLAN information to the PC. Having these specific settings ensures that active calls are not interrupted by changes to the PC.
MD5 Sums
  • b98fa1648b21543e8f92c8b0d0fab74b  1_3_2_0_54993_D40_firmware.eff

  • 2aee10f06753b91dc923f8756384459d  1_3_2_0_54993_D50_firmware.eff

  • 27a052b0cb65d1a4f1ea9faf6340626b  1_3_2_0_54993_D70_firmware.eff


  • Phone's LLDP-MED broadcast no longer contains a power over ethernet requirement. Broadcasting that requirement caused Digium D70 phones to continually restart when connected to a particular network switch running a particular firmware version.
MD5 Sums
  • 9d7bff17d34eddd94bce8d1eec6eeebd  1_3_0_2_54153_D40_firmware.eff

  • 2ed954e3fb2906176acd4cdd54195930  1_3_0_2_54153_D50_firmware.eff

  • a4a6c8ca867d36e4f7df15340152aaee  1_3_0_2_54153_D70_firmware.eff


  • Voicemail playback keys no longer reset under certain circumstances
MD5 Sums
  • bf9f77a8a82210e820c42147140e281d  1_3_0_1_53901_D40_firmware.eff

  • 3582d610357ad27aaf980cf1f629bf2b  1_3_0_1_53901_D50_firmware.eff

  • ddd107b8176dbc45dda4ca858504f5f5  1_3_0_1_53901_D70_firmware.eff


  • The terms of the End-User License Agreement For Digium Phone Software and Digium Phones have changed. Please review them as use of this firmware constitutes acceptance of the Agreement. The EULA can be viewed directly on your phone by visiting http://\[phone_ip_address\]/licensing
  • App Development Mode helps a developer write custom apps. For information about writing custom apps for your Digium Phones, visit the Digium Phone API Information Center site and Custom Phone Applications with Asterisk wiki page.
  • A selection of language/locales is now available, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch. This selection affects the language displayed on the phone, the date and time display, and these tones: busy, dial tone, call-waiting beep, congestion (fast busy), and ringback. Also, you can select a 12-or 24-hour clock.
  • Additional QoS settings provide more networking options.
  • A new Electronic Hook Switch option lets you specify a Jabra IQ or Plantronics headset for EHS.
  • Phones can now be restarted by holding down multiple keys (7,5,3) simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • LLDP with voice-signaling enabled is now managed correctly across all phone models (QoS settings have also changed).
  • Screenshots may be obtained from a phone by browsing to http://[phone ip]/cgi-bin/screen_shot?screen=main (all models) or http://[phone ip]/cgi-bin/screen_shot?screen=blf (D70 only)
MD5 Sums
  • 6a6ab1f4fe5f1bf067a36f440989527d  1_3_0_0_53680_D40_firmware.eff

  • 0c4f19358b212f480a68346e02119357  1_3_0_0_53680_D50_firmware.eff

  • 8c2c4ad969b3f34d16a88a2410d968c3  1_3_0_0_53680_D70_firmware.eff


  • All configuration changes now cause a restart only if necessary, and the restart is delayed until there are no active calls.
MD5 Sums
  • 8e1ea1bf8146866f1c11d1bb6751034c  1_1_3_0_52406_D40_firmware.eff

  • 50147ee6ab44a3c3637c8e5dcaaaf29b  1_1_3_0_52406_D50_firmware.eff

  • c241ef9c2b2e95ff5690b48e1186881b  1_1_3_0_52406_D70_firmware.eff


  • Incoming calls can now be directly transferred (without answering) using one of the rapid dial keys without problems.
  • Active calls that are assisted transferred under particular circumstances no longer cause the screen to freeze.
  • Phones now connect properly when LLDP is used and configured with voice and voice-signaling LLDP-MED network policy.
MD5 Sums
  • f9b3ff8ad2c240c61bddc33eefb8c038  1_1_2_0_51236_D40_firmware.eff

  • cf8fb69fc8156d4079a6155494ae729e  1_1_2_0_51236_D50_firmware.eff

  • 195f9edddd9ef99c02ee0b3b6b8eb60d  1_1_2_0_51236_D70_firmware.eff


  • When a phone is starting, during steps 2 through 7, pressing *86 restores the phone to factory defaults.
  • The phone no longer restarts when a rapid dial key is pressed that has a contact with no phone number.
  • Searching Contacts now ignores special characters (for example, pressing 663455 finds contacts named O'Neill).
  • Reset to Factory Defaults now consistently resets the phone's Admin password to 789.
  • Volume levels have been slightly adjusted for the headset and handset.
MD5 Sums
  • 58f36572a29c2129724d0e56bce01a7d  1_1_1_0_49993_D40_firmware.eff

  • 25eb56ee9ad0e74913719bfe5572ce05  1_1_1_0_49993_D50_firmware.eff

  • 6501682d52138035087eae850845feb3  1_1_1_0_49993_D70_firmware.eff


  • Phones failover to the specified Alternate PBX Address if the primary PBX is not available.
  • EHS can be used with a Plantronic wireless headset
  • A Select Network tool lets you choose one of your Phone Networks, if necessary.
  • Phones check for SRV records in DNS.
  • Phones adjusted to extract alert-info elements from angle brackets.
  • Phones adjusted to transfer contacts, ringtones, and logos properly from ftp(s) hosts.
  • Phones adjusted to clear static IP settings after reconfigure attempts.
  • Phones adjusted so that DTMF tones are sent before a 200 OK is received.
MD5 Sums
  • 2c5e62aef6ca443fe5ad318b78c35c49  1_1_0_0_48178_D40_firmware.eff

  • 8fc6fa3db99f7aa291f4cc2b86265878  1_1_0_0_48178_D50_firmware.eff

  • 65a2ad7e2f3e3a24e2e56d169f824d2f  1_1_0_0_48178_D70_firmware.eff


  • The phone's web UI no longer incorrectly allows access with the default password, if in certain circumstances the application engine fails.
  • The phone now correctly rings audibly when handset answering mode is changed from yes to no.
MD5 Sums
  • 858c646bc4113e8e1923bbe19865127c  1_0_5_1_47270_D40_firmware.eff

  • 54db1281413a67c52d96d4461afaed55  1_0_5_1_47270_D50_firmware.eff

  • ad93eb63c1520599125d4b3cce571385  1_0_5_1_47270_D70_firmware.eff


  • Phones using DHCP on a VLAN no longer incorrectly restart because of a reported IP address change.

Released for Asterisk users; includes 1_0_4_45906 changes.

MD5 Sums
  • 834f917711e81bd7b1679f262f89ee6e  1_0_5_46476_D40_firmware.eff

  • a7e1f2b32df0a90c6655ecde8d496b1c  1_0_5_46476_D50_firmware.eff

  • e40d5b80117683e47120a5ed06719411  1_0_5_46476_D70_firmware.eff


  • The phone now reboots when it detects that it's on a different network, and is idle.
  • The phone now assigns the VLAN QoS priority to RTP.
  • The "Reset Volume After Each Call" now behaves correctly under circumstances that previously caused the handset volume to be 0.

Not released for Asterisk users.

MD5 Sums
  • 8a78b1042bb9a1e48e2da75b2df763db  1_0_4_45906_D40_firmware.eff

  • a873484ceec8661b396684a7e43ceaed  1_0_4_45906_D50_firmware.eff

  • 09f642f8639fc4e574f4a370a9a3f1bc  1_0_4_45906_D70_firmware.eff


  • With the phone offhook, pressing another line key now correctly switches to that line.
  • The Msgs button now behaves correctly while the phone is offhook.
  • The call-waiting tone now plays every 10 seconds (instead of just once).
  • Adding a call log item as a contact now behaves correctly after canceling out of that process.
  • Large call logs now load more quickly.
  • The phone no longer rings when a ring rule specifies visual-only.
  • The phone now plays the netbusy tone when you dial an invalid extension (503 service unavailable).
  • Local settings are now deleted when the phone is reconfigured by a server (Digium Configuration Server, or Fetch Configuration File).
  • Network Utilities now includes a list of mDNS services found by the phone.
MD5 Sums
  • 7e5bc8607805b9789f35099eb73765d2  1_0_3_45441_D40_firmware.eff

  • 1f406636f684155bb1bbaae98f72787b  1_0_3_45441_D50_firmware.eff

  • b9c680a6506c5b7fb711e9f50d2617e6  1_0_3_45441_D70_firmware.eff


Initial release

MD5 Sums
  • 75eb44c14f62bfeb641defad10ff0d35  1_0_0_44308_D40_firmware.eff

  • f95b36a7941433691a299e322bbaf082  1_0_0_44308_D50_firmware.eff

  • c32278465d524595841ca497388af4c9  1_0_0_44308_D70_firmware.eff

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