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(question) How do I deploy my custom app to my phone system?

Once your custom app is done and you're ready for your organization to use it, then you no longer need to use the phone's app development mode. Make sure that is disabled on your development phone. Then, deploying your app is as easy as making other configuration changes. If you are a Switchvox administrator, you can use the Digium Phone Apps page (Tools > Extension Features). If you are a DPMA administrator, visit the Custom Phone Applications with Asterisk DPMA documentation page. You must be using phone firmware 1.3 or later, or Switchvox SMB 5.7 or later.


(question) I was using the BETA 1.2 firmware, what do I do now?

Please read this article.


(question) Can I hold and resume a call with my app?

No, the current version of the phone firmware does not offer the ability to hold/resume a call.


(question) Who can build custom apps for a Digium Phone?

If you've done some web development before, chances are good that you have the skills to write a custom app for Digium Phones. Browse the documentation to see if it looks like something you can handle.


(question) How large can an app file be?

It depends. Your phone has a limited amount of disk space, and ringtones and contacts files can take up a good bit of that space. But, your app probably doesn't need to be that big. For example, our built-in apps are quite involved, and the biggest one isn't over 300k. The weather app in the documentation is ~70k. So you should be able to build the tools you need without worrying about taking up too much space.


(question) Can I manage a phone's lines with my app?

Sorry but no, the phone's Lines (SIP registrations) cannot be controlled from a custom app.


(question) I am a developer but not a Digium partner, can I purchase a phone at a discount?

No, but you just need one phone to develop a custom app. It's worth the investment to find out what kind of productivity tools you can build for your organization.


(question) Can I add a softkey to an existing Digium app?

Sorry no, you can't affect Digium apps, or Digium's set of call-control softkeys.


(question) How do I know what version of the Phone API I am using?

The phone API is on the same version as the Digium Phone firmware itself. Future changes to the phone firmware will include changes and additions to the API. If new firmware includes significant changes to the API, such as new required parameters, we will make those changes available in a new version of the method. That way, you can feel free to update your firmware, secure in the knowledge that your apps will continue to function normally until you have a chance to update your app to the new version of the API.

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