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The Phone API Beta version was made available in Q42012. If you experimented with the Beta version, read this article to see what has changed in the production firmware 1.3.


Changes in Version 1.3


  • A digium.event namespace has been created that replaces the previous implementation of registering event callbacks through the properties of digium.handlers. Methods were added to digium.event to observe, trigger, and stop observing events. This allows multiple handlers to subscribe to the same event.
  • Apps control whether they are shutdown when they are hidden with
  • Localization tools have changed

The documentation

Getting Version 1.3

If you are going from Beta 1.2 to the production version 1.3, you don't need to download a specific firmware version from this site; rather retrieve the production firmware the way you normally would.

DPMA administrators, see the Digium Phones wiki.

Switchvox administrators, when you update to Switchvox SMB version 5.7 or later, you will also be updating to phone firmware 1.3 or later. Once you are on version 5.7 or later, use the Digium Phone Apps page (Tools > Extension Features) to deploy your custom app to your Digium Phones. Switchvox SMB 5.7 is expected in the second half of March 2013.


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