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These core functions are available to all apps without requiring any libraries. They provide functionality to interact with the application environment, invoke phone functions, etc.

Name Description 

Used to include and evaluate other scripts. Anything exported by a required script is then made available using require.


Object used to provide functions, variables, and properties for use by another script. Use require in another script to obtain the exports in the current script.

Exports will not work if you set exports = to an object (e.g., {"key" : "value" }). You must set properties of the exports object as can be seen in the example. 


Handles application launching/hiding, system event listeners, phone functions, and file I/O.

Contains methods and properties about the phone's applications.


Used to create applications that register event listeners by calling digium.event.observe() and specifying one of the event names as the eventName parameter. Also used to trigger an event with and to remove callbacks for an event with digium.event.stopObserving().

Call handling.

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