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Contains methods and properties about the phone's applications.


Name Description

Returns the current Image object for the specified app.

Returns an object with information about the specified app, as defined in its app.json file.

Returns an array containing the names of apps that the system knows about. The names are defined in app.json.



Name Description

A string containing the XML representing the app's configuration (appconfig) settings from the phone's master configuration xml. These are limited to app-specific settings distributed from the phone's configuration server.

Basic Example:

An app will start up each time it is placed in the foreground and shut down each time it is placed in the background. This Boolean property sets whether or not the app shuts down (exits) when it goes into the background. The default setting is true; i.e., the app shuts down when it goes into the background. Change the setting to false to make your app run persistently.  

Basic Example:

Get or set the filename of the icon image used for this application. The icon is used in other apps such as the app manager screen and is contained in the app's directory.

Basic Example:

If your app is initialized for the first time, is set to the iconFile from the app.json file. If setting the iconFile, the {MODEL}.iconFile naming convention should be used for whichever iconFile you are setting. 

Boolean flag reflecting whether the the app's idle screen window is currently displayed. 

Boolean value indicating whether this app is in the foreground. 

Get the name of the app as specified in the app's app.json file.

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