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Loads and saves standard settings that can be later accessed and used across the application by other modules, screens, etc. Note: the app should always have its init() method called after being included.

Require Extended Library: 




Name Description 

Takes a parameters object and a required keys array and compares the two. If any keys are missing from the array, then an error is logged and the error screen is shown (app.showErrors).


Returns a reference to the automatically instantiated Auth object that is created when app.init is called.


Returns an object that contains this app's various settings including id, settings, and account. These are parsed from the app's XML in the phone configuration's appconfig section.


Initializes the app object. Important: this should be done immediately after including the app library for consistent results. 


Reloads your appconfig and makes a new Auth object.


Clears the screen and shows an error popup on the entire screen. Takes an array of error messages so you can show multiple messages at one time.


Returns the translated string of the specified language key. 



Name Description 

Automatically instantiated Image UI objects when app is required. 

Basic Example:

These most likely useful for creating apps with standarized softkeys. See  setSoftKeyIcon  for setting softKey icons on your widgets.


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