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These object constructors are made available to apps by requiring a library. They provide specific solutions for interacting with the application environment.

Name Description 

Used primarily to interact with the PBX when the phone is used with a server running either Switchvox or the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA). The auth object holds the user's account id, extension, password, and the address of the server.


Localization_language library's Language constructor that creates an object used for translating strings. After the object is created, it checks the phone's lang/locale settings and attempts to load any localized string files available. For example, if the phone's locale is set to es_mx (Spanish/Mexico), the Language constructor checks the app's directory for a 'strings-es_mx.js' file and attempts to load language keys from this file. For more information about creating localized apps see Building Localized Apps in the Guides section.

Additionally, the phone's lang/locale settings can be overridden when creating the Language object by passing a langLocale string to the constructor.


Creates a new DOM Document. The document created can be manipulated with javascript's standard DOM methods.

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