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Automatically instantiated Group widget available to each app.

The window object is the group that is displayed when the app is in the foreground and its height and width proprerties are equal to the max for your phone's model. It shares most of its methods and properties with the Group widget. Adding other widgets to window will cause them to be displayed on the screen when the app is in the foreground.

Any app that wishes to display something after being put in the foreground must begin by attaching things to the window object.


Name Description 

Adds one or more widgets to the group.


Removes all child elements from the group or removes all content from the list.


Removes one or more widgets from a group.



Name Description 

Boolean value that determines whether the softkey bar will be displayed. Can be set to false to allow drawing to the entire screen.

Note: actions assigned to softkeys will still be performed when the softkey bar is hidden.

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