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These UI widgets are automatically instantiated for running apps. Apps cannot create or destroy these widgets, and any UI elements that are to be displayed must be added to them to be shown on the screen.

Name Description 

Automatically instantiated Group widget available to each app.

The window object is the group that is displayed when the app is in the foreground and its height and width proprerties are equal to the max for your phone's model. It shares most of its methods and properties with the Group widget. Adding other widgets to window will cause them to be displayed on the screen when the app is in the foreground.

Any app that wishes to display something after being put in the foreground must begin by attaching things to the window object.

A specially instantiated Group widget displayed on the phone's idle screen in place of the logo. This is only instantiated and available to the app after the property 'hasIdle' has been set to true in its app.json file.

Any widgets added to will be displayed in the logo area of the phone's home screen.

If multiple apps have provided idleWindow data, the phone will cycle through them at a rate defined by the idle_cycle_seconds setting in the phone's configuration.

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