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Ringing Types and Intercom

Digium phones support several different types of ringing:

  • Normal Ringing - normal
  • One Ring followed by automated Answer - ring-answer
  • Immediate Answer, No ringing - intercom
  • Visual only, No ringing sound - visual

When an incoming call is received, the phone will look for an ALERT_INFO SIP header, and compare the received header against its configuration, as parsed from its Config XML or via the DPMA alert configuration options.

Affecting the ring type from the Asterisk dialplan requires use of the alert_info SIP header. This header should be added into the dialplan before executing a dial to the phone, as such:

Selecting a Ringtone from the Dialplan
exten => 100,1,SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info: <normal>")
exten => 100,n,Dial(SIP/mypeer)

Alert-Info elements encapsulated in angle brackets are not parsed correctly by the Digium phones in firmwares prior to 1.1.0. As such, users who require use of angle brackets for the first Alert-Info element, and who are using their own generated configurations, not provided by the DPMA, and who are using a firmware prior to 1.1.0, must use the escaped characters directly in the alert definition.

FreePBX Paging


FreePBX and AsteriskNOW users using DPMA prior to 1.0.2 can modify the FreePBX database to allow ring-answer paging by performing the following:

sudo su -
amportal a m
INSERT INTO paging_autoanswer (useragent, var, setting) VALUES ('Digium', 'ALERTINFO', 'Alert-Info: ring-answer');

and then reloading:

amportal reload
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