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Users experiencing telephone connectivity issues on or after May 28, 2021 should refer to the following wiki page:

Desk Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) SSL Certificate Expiration

This section of the wiki contains about Sangoma's D-Series phones when used with Asterisk; this includes information about the Sangoma D-Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA), its configuration and use, as well as information about using Sangoma's phones without DPMA.  In addition to the resources here, more information about Sangoma's phone products may be found at

Users wanting to learn more about the Sangoma Desk Phone Module for Asterisk and its configuration, should refer to the DPMA section.

Users wanting to provision their phones outside of the DPMA, should refer to the Provisioning section.

No-cost licenses for the DPMA may be obtained from

Have an idea for a new feature? Drop us a line at

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