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This file describes the application and provides specific settings used by the app engine. Every application must include an app.json file in its directory. The app.json file is a single file written in JSON notation. You must use double quotes to identify object keys and values in your app.json file.


Required: The app.json file must contain the following information:

The name of the app. This is how the app engine refers to the app. name must be 64 chars or less, and the first character must be a letter or a digit. The rest can be letters, digits, underscore, period, comma. We recommend all lowercase, but that's not required.

The JavaScript file to load when the app starts. You may include multiple files, they are loaded and run in left-to-right order. It is not necessary to list language files here.

The type of app, which is always foreground.

Also, this information can be included as appropriate:

This is how the app name is displayed in various places (e.g., the Applications screen). If this is not included, name is used.

Default icon file basename. The phone looks for D70.hello_world_icon.png first, on a D70, and likewise for other models. The icon can be dynamically set by the app instead (or in addition), but this file will be used when the app is not running.

Indicate true if the app supports an idle screen display mode. If you don't include this, or you indicate false, the app cannot use the idle screen. The object is created based on this.

Indicate true if the app should not appear in the Applications screen. If you don't include this, or you indicate false, the app does appear in the Applications Screen.




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