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Asterisk SCF is a framework that allows developers to create real-time communications applications that include voice, video and text and that meet the demands of a full range of uses, from embedded applications to enterprise and carrier solutions. Asterisk SCF is architected to provide the highest levels of availability, scalability, extensibility, fault-tolerance and performance.

Asterisk SCF will be delivered as a system of distributed components that can be deployed in clusters on a single system or on many systems, transparently. The Asterisk SCF platform will support, as a part of its basic architecture, the full range of real-time IP communications, including video, multi-channel wideband and ultra-wideband audio, chat, desktop sharing and other media types that may arise in the future.

Asterisk SCF is not a replacement for Asterisk, the world’s most widely used open source voice communications platform. Digium and the Asterisk community are committed to the continued development and support of Asterisk, the telecommunications software.

Asterisk SCF development has currently been paused. For more information, please see the blog posting here -

Latest News

Asterisk SCF development has been put on pause. For more information, please see the blog post here -

A Bit of Rework

Several people in the community have recently reached out to me for an update on what's going in with Asterisk SCF. As discussed at AstriCon 2011, the Asterisk SCF developers were working towards a beta announcement for the end of 2011, which slipped into early 2012. Well, as sometimes happens, we came upon a bit of a stumbling block during our last bit of testing and cleanup.

The short story is that our earlier approach to retrying remote operations (which our failover strategy relies upon) was lacking in several ways. We've come up with what we feel is a much more technically sound approach. Unfortunately, the new approach had a significant impact on our API, and to just about every class that implements any part of the API.

The good news is we're just about to enter a testing phase based on all of these changes. We're hopeful that the hardest part of this particular issue is about to be behind us.

We've added a page with all the briefing materials presented at AstriCon 2011. Materials will be posted within 24 hours after the presentation.

I've added the 'expand' macro documented here To see it in action, look at the Building - Linux page.


The video from the AstriCon 2010 announcement of Asterisk SCF is available at


I have imported about a dozen page templates from the Confluence Default Templates bundle and the Software Development Templates bundle; when you create a new page, click the 'Select a page template to start from' link to see the list of available templates.

Create Personal Spaces

I suggest everyone who wants to capture and share notes via the wiki create their own space. It's your own private sandbox, and you can give others visibility to your pages. When it makes sense, we can easily move pages into the Asterisk SCF space from your personal space.

The Asterisk SCF project pages are all versioned, so changes/additions CAN be made here as well, but if you go that route try to fit any new material into the existing organizational structure, or suggest rationale if you want to change the structure significantly.

And in case you are wondering, this is a Blog posting to the Asterisk SCF space.

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