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Usage Guidelines

Mantis JIRA and Reviewboard are both utilities that the Asterisk development community uses to help track and review code being written for Asterisk. Since both systems are used for posting patches, it is worth discussing when it is appropriate to use reviewboard and when not.


  • A committer has a patch that they would like to get some feedback on before merging into one of the main branches.
  • A committer or bug marshal has requested a contributor to post their patch from Mantis JIRA on reviewboard to aid in the review process. This typically happens with complex code contributions where reviewboard can help aid in providing feedback.

We do encourage all interested parties to participate in the review process. However, aside from the cases mentioned above, we prefer that all code submissions first go through MantisJIRA.


It is acceptable for a committer to post patches to reviewboard before they are complete to get some feedback on the approach being taken. However, if the code is not yet ready to be merged, it must be documented as such. A review request with a patch proposed for merging should have documented testing and should not have blatant coding guidelines violations. Lack of these things is careless and shows disrespect for those reviewing your code.