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Basic sip users record layout which will need to be saved to a file (we'll use 'createduser.ldif' here as an example). This example record is for sip user '1000'.

Code Block
dn: cn=1000,ou=sip,dc=digium,dc=internal
objectClass: AsteriskAccount
objectClass: AsteriskExtension
objectClass: AsteriskSIPUser
objectClass: top
AstAccountName: sip user
cn: 1000
AstAccountDefaultUser: 0
AstAccountExpirationTimestamp: 0
AstAccountFullContact: 0
AstAccountHost: dynamic
AstAccountIPAddress: 0
AstAccountLastQualifyMilliseconds: 0
AstAccountPort: 0
AstAccountRegistrationServer: 0
AstAccountType: 0
AstAccountUserAgent: 0
AstExtension: 1000