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  • parking_lot_name - Specify in which parking lot to park a call.
    The parking lot used is selected in the following order:
    1) parking_lot_name option to this application
    2) PARKINGLOT variable
    3) CHANNEL(parkinglot) function (Possibly preset by the channel driver.)
    4) Default parking lot.
  • options - A list of options for this parked call.
    • r - Send ringing instead of MOH to the parked call.
    • R - Randomize the selection of a parking space.
    • c - If the parking times out, go to this place in the dialplan instead of where the parking lot defines the call should go.
      • context
      • extension
      • priority
    • t - Use a timeout of duration seconds instead of the timeout specified by the parking lot.
      • duration
  • announce_template
    • announce - Colon-separated list of files to announce. The word PARKED will be replaced by a say_digits of the extension in which the call is parked.
    • announce1
  • dial - The app_dial style resource to call to make the announcement. Console/dsp calls the console.


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