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Rapid Dial Keys

Rapid Dial, or BLF, keys key subscriptions are set using the phone configuration parameter:

  • blf_contact_group

The order of the contacts in this group is important, unless BLF Items are being defined directly using the blf_items capabilities. If BLF Items are not directly defined, the If the Smart BLF capabilities of the phone are being used, whereby a BLF Items sheet is being loaded onto the phone, then each and every contact to be placed on a Rapid Dial key must be explicitly defined.  If no BLF Items sheet is loaded onto a phone, as-is the case with phones using firmware prior to 1.4.0, then the order of the contacts in this group is important. In that case, the named contacts here fill in the BLF-keys in the same order as given in the xml, and those contacts are subscribed to, in order.