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This Wiki page does not cover the use of Digium phones with the FreePBX commercial Endpoint manager.  Inclined parties should view that wiki content instead.  Phones configured by the FreePBX commercial Endpoint manager function as XML-configured phones.



Recording (Soft key-based)

  • DPMA (tick)
    • Recorded calls are visible in a Recordings folder inside the voicemail application.  Underneath the hood, DPMA drops them in the app_voicemail "Cust5" folder, which it maps to the "Recordings" folder.
  • AsteriskNOW with FreePBX, DPMA and the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX (minus)
    • Operates the same as with raw DPMA, but there is a caveat to its use, relative to the FreePBX implementation of call recordings.  FreePBX has a user-based recordings portal.  Calls recorded using the Digium Phone soft-key are not visible in the portal.  Recordings that show up in the portal are now visible in the phone's voicemail application.
  • XML Config (error)
    • Soft-key based call recording is not available for XML-configured phones.
  • Switchvox (tick)
    • Recorded calls are visible in the INBOX.Recordings folder.