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Digium employs a team of software development and technical professionals who work with the Asterisk open source project on a daily or weekly basis. Many of these individuals work on code all over the project but tend to stick to core support areas of the project. This team also maintains the documentation included with Asterisk and on the wiki. Any given day you can find many of these folks in the Asterisk IRC chat rooms.

NameIRC/Forum/List name
Ashley Sandersasanders, superscrat
Jonathan Rosejrose
Richard Mudgettrmudgett
Kevin Harwellkharwell
Matt Jordanmjordan
Mark Michelsonmmichelson, putnopvut
Rusty Newtonnewtonr
Joshua C. Colpjcolp, file
Michael Spicelandmspiceland
Scott Griepentrog


Matthew Fredricksoncresl1n

The core team can be contacted for administrative questions via E-mail.