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The features outlined here are available in the 3 release of the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX (DPAF) and with DPMA version 3.4.1.




  • Correct missing trailing parenthesis in dial plan

  • Re-implement BLF keys on unused line keys feature for D50 and D70 models

  • Correct issue with logos for D80
  • Correct issue with Send to VM permission
  • Correct issues with VM forward permission
  • Correct issues with Monitor permission
  • Correct issues with Intercom permission
  • Introduce dynamic BLF Items generation to improve behavior for all phones, and to provide Favorites support for D80


  • Integrated licensing code, removing need for separate digium_addons FreePBX Add-on.

  • Embed license register code


  • Address FREEPBX-9054, prevent license registration when DPMA is not installed


  • Address FREEPBX-9976, support for multiple parking lots as provided by Parking PRO


  • Add support for configuring TCP/TLS transports
  • Add support for D6x model phones
  • Add handles to manipulate:
    • D6x Logos
    • Multicast Page Listeners
    • 802.1X authentication


  • Add support for PJSIP configurations


  • Update for new FreePBX 13 core functionality

  • Remove en_US translations

  • Correct error on empty array

  • Now requires DPMA 2.2+ and firmware 2.0+

  • Add additional fixes to detect proper Astman

  • Add input sanitizing

  • Added options for default_fontsize and call_waiting_tone
  • Address locale and device_id issues

  • Fix a class loading problem

  • Support DPMA 2.1, D45 custom logos, tie phone PIN to voicemail option, and allow users to download any firmware package (not just the latest). 
  • Address bug with adding custom ringtones to a phone exclusive of any special alerts

  • Update to GPLv3 license and move all copyright into proper file

  • Firmware, Ringtones and Custom Applications have been moved into a separate directory that prevents them from being destroyed on module upgrade.

  • Abstract some internal functions

  • When firmware download errors occur, provide improved error reporting

  • When reloading, explicitly skip astman

  • Improvements to speed up retrieve_conf have been made

  • A missing firmware directory no longer causes the add-on to fail

  • Fixes for Custom Apps, External Line edit, Download and select firmware, Queue members and Status entries

  • Data was not being saved on the General settings page
  • Drag and drop for phonebooks and networks now works properly

  • Module moved to FreePBX repository

  • Styling and formatting changes to conform to FreePBX standards

  • Address PC Port QoS errata from

  • Added support for setting Phone Locale

  • Added support for manipulating VLAN tagging of phone's PC port on Networks tab (requires phone firmware 1.3.2 or greater)
  • Fixed bug with VLAN Discovery Type setting
  • Known Errata:
    • PC Port QoS setting is not properly set for phones

  • Firmware wasn't being stored in the proper location; this has been addressed

  • Massive rewrite and reorganization from previous versions made available with AsteriskNOW 2.x.