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August 20, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:
    • Correct failure to properly fall-through on a transfer to a non-existent number
    • Correct improper formatting of Accept header on outbound INVITEs
    • Correct failure to ensure DPMA session is disconnected on logout
    • Mitigate TCP SACK vulnerability
    • Correct improper hangup of un-answered incoming call when hanging up existing call using handset
    • Correct timing related failure to blind transfer unanswered incoming call via Contacts app
    • Correct occasional overlap of voicemail playback with incoming ringtone
    • Correct failure to show call card on Switchboard initiated conference join
    • Correct occasional issue with out-of-order missed call notifications
    • Correct error causing logout enabled and logged out phone to return to previous account after reboot
    • Correct configuration-specific error in validating login password
    • Correct failure to return a logged out phone to the login screen after power loss
  • New Features:
    • Support playback of multicast audio streams
    • Support compact SIP headers
    • Support conference state parameter for non-admin users
  • Improvements:
    • Improve display of certain French language timestamps in missed call notifications
    • Update logoff and login language to reflect phone's unconfigured state
    • Move outbound proxy setting from account parameter to new account child element outbound_proxy