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  • Technology: DAHDI
    • dahdi_channel - R/O DAHDI channel related to this channel.
    • dahdi_span - R/O DAHDI span related to this channel.
    • dahdi_group - R/O DAHDI logical group related to this channel.
    • dahdi_type - R/O DAHDI channel type, one of:
      • analog
      • mfc/r2
      • pri
      • pseudo
      • ss7
    • keypad_digits - R/O PRI Keypad digits that came in with the SETUP message.
    • reversecharge - R/O PRI Reverse Charging Indication, one of:
      • -1 - None
      • {{ 1}} - Reverse Charging Requested
    • no_media_path - R/O PRI Nonzero if the channel has no B channel. The channel is either on hold or a call waiting call.
    • buffers - W/O Change the channel's buffer policy (for the current call only)
      This option takes two arguments:
      Number of buffers,
      Buffer policy being one of:
    • echocan_mode - W/O Change the configuration of the active echo canceller on the channel (if any), for the current call only.
      Possible values are:
      {{on}}Normal mode (the echo canceller is actually reinitalizedreinitialized)
      {{fax}}FAX/data mode (NLP disabled if possible, otherwise completely disabled)
      {{voice}}Voice mode (returns from FAX mode, reverting the changes that were made)


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