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Asterisk ICE support is disabled by default, and can be enabled globally in rtp.conf and both globally or on a SIP peer basis in sip.conf.

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However, as ICE needs a STUN and/or TURN server to gather usable candidates, these do need to be configured to get things working. Since ICE is an RTP level feature, the configuration can be found in the rtp.conf file. The configuration applies to all RTP based communications so the options are set in the general section. To configure a STUN server add a stunaddr option with the hostname of the STUN server. For example,


Generation of SDP for ICE candidate lists can be disabled by adding "icesupport=no" to the general section in sip.conf or on a peer-by-peer basis. Since ICE operates on RTP, ICE details are configured in the rtp.conf file. To disable ICE support in RTP, add "icesupport=no" to the general section in rtp.conf.