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General formatting guidelines:

These are guidelines meant to help readability of the output.

  • 1 blank line before output and after output to separate the output from the prompt (output must begin and end with newlines)
  • 2 spaces before each line of output to separate the output from the left side of terminal
  • For tabulated content there should be 2 spaces between the longest lines in each column (up until the total width of output hits 80 characters, then any individual long item in the list should wrap).
  • For <option> = <value> , vertically oriented lists of two column tables, the right-hand column containing values should be at least 2 spaces out from the longest option name.
  • When listing <option>'s we should use the actual option name when possible, rather than an expanded English version. As when you expand it, you'll run into situations where it is not clear to a user which configuration option that listing relates to.
  • For listings with more than one column, column names using more than a single word should have no whitespace and use camel case, (e.g. "LastRegTime") for reading clarity. 
    • An exception may be made where additional information needs to be expressed. As in "AORs/Contacts" or "Expiry(sec)". We should avoid this where possible.