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Let's install DAHDI!

On Linux, we will use the DAHDI-linux-complete tarball, which contains both the DAHDI Linux drivers as well as the DAHDI tools. Again, we're assuming that you've untarred the tarball in the /usr/local/src directory, and that you'll replace X and Y with the appropriate version numbers.

See What to Download? for more information on downloading the DAHDI tarballs.


titleInstall DAHDI before libpri

libpri 1.4.13 and later source code depends on DAHDI include files. So, one must install DAHDI before installing libpri.

titleDon't need DAHDI?

 If you are not integrating with any traditional telephony equipment and you are not planning on using the MeetMe dialplan application, then you do not have to install DAHDI or libpri in order to use Asterisk.


titleOn This Page

Table of Contents

With Internet Access

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[[email protected] src]# cd dahdi-linux-complete-2.X.Y+2.X.Y

[[email protected] dahdi-linux-complete-2.X.Y+2.X.Y]# make

[[email protected] dahdi-linux-complete-2.X.Y+2.X.Y]# make install

[[email protected] dahdi-linux-complete-2.X.Y+2.X.Y]# make config 


Without Internet Access

When installing on a system without internet access, there are a few additional steps that are required to build DAHDI. The firmware files for the various VPM modules will need to be downloaded and extracted in the source directory. The file specific links provided below are the current versions as of this writing. Please check the link below for the full list of versions.