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A new extended property should be added to enable support for goog-remb. This will be set by a channel driver that wants to enable support for it (such as chan_pjsip).


If the goog-remb extended property is not set then the below should not occur.

If an RTCP feedback message containing REMB Is received perform the following:

  1. Place the REMB packet into an AST_FRAME_RTCP frame.
  2. Set the stream number on the AST_FRAME_RTCP frame to correspond to the stream the REMB packet is in regards to.
  3. Modify the REMB packet to have a zero SSRC for both SSRCs.
  4. Return the AST_FRAME_RTCP frame from res_rtp_asterisk.

If an RTCP feedback message containing REMB is provided to ast_rtp_instance_write:

  1. Update the REMB packet to contain the correct SSRCs.
  2. Send the REMB packet in an RTCP feedback message on the correct stream.

The abs-send-time specification (which is small) should be implemented according to the goog-remb draft.

If an RTP packet is sent:

  1. Add abs-send-time information to the packet