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main, side

Defines the display panel for the BLF Item. D40, D45, D60, D62 and D65 phones display only on main. D50 and D70 phones can display on main or side. Accounts on the main screen take precedence over BLF item locations.



Sets the position key for the BLF Item, top-down, beginning with 0. For D65 and D70 phones, assigning more than one BLF item to the same index number will cause subsequent assignments to appear on additional pages in the correct index slot. BLF items located on the main screen must begin in location 1 because the first slot, 0, is occupied by the phone's primary line.


Boolean, 0, 1

Defaults to 1. If disabled, the item will remain static across all pages



Maps this item to a Contact as derived from the "id" field of a contact from the loaded contacts XML file

app_idstringThe identifier should be either one of the phone's default applications (contacts, voicemail, parking, status, queues) or should be the identifier of a user-loaded custom application. Used instead of contact_id to dedicate this item to loading an application into the foreground.
blankBoolean, 0,1Defaults to 0. If present, blanks out the item so that an empty BLF is loaded into the slot. Note that blank type keys do not have any contact_id or additional attributes associated with them.