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If a Smart BLF sheet is loaded onto a phone, then each contact to be mapped to a Rapid Dial key must be explicitly defined in that sheet. If a contact is not explicitly mapped to a key, it will not show up on a key. This behavior differs from the older, pre 1.4.0 firmware behavior of automatically attaching, in order, listed contacts to Rapid Dial keys.


BLF Items XML skeleton


Because Contacts, BLF Items and Display Rules are constructed in XML, and because Digium phones do not point out XML errors to you, it is very important to verify the syntax of your XML before sending it to the phone. If your syntax is invalid, the XML file will fail to load, and you might wonder why your Contacts don't show up, your BLF Items don't seem to work, or your Display Rules are ignored. So, you should use an XML editor or some other tool (Chrome, xmllint, etc.) to verify your syntax before sending XML to the phone.


Code Block
titleBLF Item Example
            <blf_item location="side" index="0" paging="1" contact_id="101">
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="on_the_phone" press_action="call_vm" press_function="dial" />
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" press_action="regular_dial" press_function="dial" />
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" long_press_action="anintercom" long_press_function="dial" />
                    <indicator target_status="idle" ring="0" ringtone_id="Digium" led_color="green" led_state="on" line_label_fgcolor="#BDBDBD" line_label_bgcolor="#212121" />
                    <indicator target_status="ringing" ring="1" ringtone_id="Techno" led_color="red" led_state="fast" line_label_fgcolor="#FFFFFF" line_label_bgcolor="#308030" />






unknown, idle, on_hold, ringing, on_the_phone

Defines the status of the watched device that must be matched for this indicator to be in effect. If undefined, all target_states will be matched.



If true, causes the local phone to ring when the behavior is met


Alarm, Chimes, Digium, GuitarStrum, Jingle, Office2, Office, RotaryPhone, SteelDrum, Techno, Theme, Tweedle, Twinkle, Vibe, or one of ids from a custom-loaded ringtone

Specifies the ringtone to be played when the indicator is in effect. If unspecified, the phone's default ringtone will be used


amber, green, red

Specifies the color to be applied to the line key LED if the indicator is in effect.


off, on, slow, fast

Specifies the LED blink state of the line key LED if the indicator is in effect.

line_label_fgcolorHex color value, defaults to #BDBDBDSpecifies a hex color value for the color of the label text when this indicator is active. The default color value for text in rapid dial keys is #BDBDBD. Firmware 2.6.0 and greater, D6x phones only.
line_label_bgcolorHex color value, defaults to #212121Specifies a hex color value for the color of the label background when this indicator is active. The default color value for the label background is #212121. Firmware 2.6.0 and greater, D6x phones only.

Behavior Considerations

When creating behaviors, the following points should be taken into consideration.


Code Block
titlePickup Contacts Example
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <contacts group_name="Directory" editable="0">
        <contact id="103" prefix="Mr." first_name="Mark" second_name="A" last_name="Spencer" suffix="" contact_type="sip" organization="Digium" job_title="Big Cheese" location="2nd Floor Corner" notes="A penguin" account_id="103" subscribe_to="auto_hint_103" pickup_action="pickupcall" >
                <email address="" label="Work" primary="1"/>
                <action id="103" dial="103" dial_prefix="" label="Office" name="Office"/>
                <action id="pickupcall" dial="103" dial_prefix="**" label="Pickup" name="Pickup"/>

Here, note that we've created the actions 103 and pickupcall.  For 103, only 103 is dialed.  For pickupcall, phone will dial the ** prefix first, and then 103.  Also note that we've defined a pickup_action within the contact itself, as this will cause the D80 model phone to display a pickup activity card in its activity stream, beginning with firmware 1.8.0.

Next, we need to configure the behavior of a Rapid Dial key to affect the actions.  Configuration for this resembles: