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Path<br>h5. Path

Parameters are case-sensitive

Return Model





List all applications.




Get details of an application.




Subscribe an application to a event source.




Unsubscribe an application from an event source.




Filter application events types.


Filter application events types. Allowed and/or disallowed event type filtering can be done. The body (parameter) should specify a JSON key/value object that describes the type of event filtering needed. One, or both of the following keys can be designated:<br><br>

"allowed" - Specifies an allowed list of event types<br>types
"disallowed" - Specifies a disallowed list of event types<br><br>FurthertypesFurther, each of those key's value should be a JSON array that holds zero, or more JSON key/value objects. Each of these objects must contain the following key with an associated value:<br><br>

"type" - The type name of the event to filter<br><br>The value must be the string name (case sensitive) of the event type that needs filtering. For example:<br><br>

{ "allowed": [ { "type": "StasisStart" }, { "type": "StasisEnd" } ] }<br><br>As

As this specifies only an allowed list, then only those two event type messages are sent to the application. No other event messages are sent.<br><br>The

The following rules apply:<br><br>*

  • If the body is empty, both the allowed and disallowed filters are set empty


  • If both list types are given then both are set to their respective values (note, specifying an empty array for a given type sets that type to empty).


  • If only one list type is given then only that type is set. The other type is not updated.


  • An empty "allowed" list means all events are allowed.


  • An empty "disallowed" list means no events are disallowed.


  • Disallowed events take precedence over allowed events if the event type is specified in both lists.

Path parameters

Parameters are case-sensitive.