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I would like to organize a GPG key signing event at Astricon, this is a great way to meet developers and grow your personal key-ring.

What you need

  • Hard copies of your GPG Key (see URL below)
  • Identification (EG: Passport)


The times and location are being proposed and open for discussion:

  • Monday, Nov. 23 @ AstriDevCon
  • Wednesday, Nov. 26 ~1800hrs @ coding zone


To keep things simple, we'll simply follow the instructions that Debian uses: Take a moment to read it.

How to Participate

If you are interested, simply add the following information into the comment section below:

No Format
$ gpg -v --fingerprint 2E6A3399
gpg: using PGP trust model
pub   4096R/2E6A3399 2011-07-11
      Key fingerprint = C881 439E B5DA 934B 56BB  09BA 81F1 32FE 2E6A 3399
uid                  Paul Belanger <[email protected]>
uid                  Paul Belanger <[email protected]>

Be sure to bring copies of your GPG key, as noted in step 3 from the URL above.


Feel free to ask your questions here or use #astricon on