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  • Eric Klein: Humbug Telecom
  • Dunling Li: BTS
  • Chris Maj: Penguin PBX Solutions
  • Shaun Ruffell: Digium
  • Bryan Johns: Digium
  • Mark Murawski: Intellasoft
  • Kevin Fleming: Digium
  • Byron Clark: Jive Communications
  • Jamuel Starkey: Headland Communications
  • Leif Madsen: LeifMadsen Enterprises, Inc / Digium
  • Matt Riddell: Asterisk Daily News
  • Nir Simonivich: Greenfield Technologies / Humbug Telecom
  • Paul Belanger: Digium
  • Claude Patry
  • Jason Parker: Digium
  • David Vossel: Digium
  • Matt Jordan: Digium
  • Ben Klang: Mojo Lingo / Adhearsion
  • Brad Watkins: Compuware
  • Abel Camarillo: Neuroservices Communications
  • Nicolas Bouliane: Avencall
  • Xavier Carcelle: Avencall
  • David Deaton: Digium
  • Mathieu De Bellefeuille: Nisse
  • Alex Balashov: Evariste Systems
  • Joel Schuweiler : Digium
  • Shawn McCord: Cycore Systems
  • Klaus Darilion:

AstriDevCon 2010 Results

The following sections are a list of ideas that have been discussed at AstriDevCon. They are listed in a priority order where a lower number is a higher weight. P0 priority are for projects that are near completion and need the original developer to push through to the end. Other priority issues from P1 and higher are ranked by the participants at AstriDevCon.