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  • SIP path support
    • Brought up again this year and there are several developers interested in implementing this.
    • Alex Balashov, Klaus Darilion
    • This is more doable this year now that we have a different internal DB backend (sqlite3)
    • Terry Wilson is working on implementing realtime support using the internal DB
  • Add new pages for how to become a contributing member of the community to the Asterisk wiki page
  • More efficient RTP port allocation
  • Convert sample configuration files into XML-like documentation into the same format as other documentation in source
    • provide simplified set of configuration files for users to start with
    • allows exportation of all known options into a wiki (and other formats)
  • Provide functionality to help avoid breaking working configurations:
    • reload last known good configuration
    • on dialplan reload, load configuration into separate memory space, verify configuration is ok, and only then overwrite what is currently in memory
    • Per Kobaz
      • resuming from a fresh start (syntax errors, etc., load previous)
        • If the current running asterisk is healthy but config files on disk have errors, a fresh start of asterisk will be broken in some fashion. We should have a capability to load the 'last known good configuration' for extensions, ael, and etc. on a fresh start
      • hot reload (realtime DB down, and not losing data currently in memory)
        • A module should not replace in-memory configuration unless the load is successful
      • atomic commits across modules
        • This is not trivial. Modules should refuse to load new configuration unless all other modules have successfully loaded theirs.
  • Allow Originate() dialplan application and CLI originate command to pass variables to the channel
  • Update modules that require app_macro to not require it; prefer app_stack (GoSub)


P0 are issues that are near completion.