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State of the Asterisk (Asterisk 15) - Matthew Fredrickson

Asterisk and Video - Joshua Colp, Kevin Harwell

AMQP - Sylvain Boily

Asterisk Calendars - Ludovic Gasc


  • Prepared Presentations:
    • Talk by Wazo
    • Talk by Ludovic
    • Talk by Daniel
  • Discussion by Nir
  • Proposed deprecation of app_macro

    • Gosub has existed for 12 years now and is suitable replacement, but not 100% compatible.

      • You exit a Macro by using Goto to any different context.

      • You normally exit a Gosub using the Return app which sends control back to the n+1 priority that originally called Gosub.

      • A Gosub return address can be thrown out using "StackPop", then you can use Goto with any context.

    • Documentation for the Dial app would be simpler if the Macro option were excluded.

    • Macro adds some code/complexity to the pbx core and a few apps.

  • Proposed deprecation of chan_sip
    • Feature Parity - What features are available in chan_sip that are not available in chan_pjsip and what is the level of effort to get us there
      • CCSS is missing
      • AOC is missing
      • Outbound SUBSCRIBE is missing
    • Configuration - sip.conf vs. pjsip.conf vs. pjsip_wizard.conf vs. contrib/scripts/sip_to_pjsip
      • Can we make chan_pjsip read sip.conf directly?
    • Stability - Both actual and perceived
    • Performance - Both actual and perceived
    • Outside Forces - Is there a business case for keeping chan_sip around?
    • Leaving it around misrepresents its support status to people within the community (no current maintainer for chan_sip)
    • Proposed deprecation plan:
      • Gain feature parity (16 ?)
      • Give warning on load (Wait until feature parity question is resolved - maybe into 15.x.0?)
      • Give warning on call start (maybe 17?)
      • noload in modules.conf/remove from default menuselect enabled modules (maybe 16?)
      • Kill it with fire
  • How do we get to an all ARI solution?
    • pbx_ari
    • Can we have ARI be more system aware (subscribe to all channels) instead of channel aware
      • There's already a parameter that causes your ARI application to receive all events on the system.
  • Getting features from 14 into an LTS.
  • What's the next revolution of Asterisk? 
  • How to improve functions in ARI to make it more of a first class citizen?

    • Setting variables on a bridge (Sylvain and Torrey +1 this)
    • Set or Get multiple variables on a channel
    • List global variables
    • No variables when a channel is hung up (perhaps some sort of race condition)
    • ARI way to administratively convert a channel to stasis (from dialplan)
  • Documentation:
    • Organization
      • Required content sections
      • Dealing with Asterisk version differences
    • Contributions
      • Peer reviewed before publish?
      • Ease of contributing
    • Autogenerated content
      • Integration with edited wiki content

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