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  • passcode|filename - If you need to present a DISA dialtone without entering a password, simply set passcode to no-password
    You may specified a filename instead of a passcode, this filename must contain individual passcodes
  • context - Specifies the dialplan context in which the user-entered extension will be matched. If no context is specified, the DISA application defaults to the disa context. Presumably a normal system will have a special context set up for DISA use with some or a lot of restrictions.
  • cid - Specifies a new (different) callerid to be used for this call.
  • mailbox - Will cause a stutter-dialtone (indication dialrecall) to be used, if the specified mailbox contains any new messages.
    • mailbox
    • context
  • options
    • n - The DISA application will not answer initially.
    • p - The extension entered will be considered complete when a # is entered.


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