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No Format
  • filename
    • filename
    • format - Is the format of the file type to be recorded (wav, gsm, etc).
  • silence - Is the number of seconds of silence to allow before returning.
  • maxduration - Is the maximum recording duration in seconds. If missing or 0 there is no maximum.
  • options
    • a - Append to existing recording rather than replacing.
    • n - Do not answer, but record anyway if line not yet answered.
    • q - quiet (do not play a beep tone).
    • s - skip recording if the line is not yet answered.
    • t - use alternate '*' terminator key (DTMF) instead of default '#'
    • x - Ignore all terminator keys (DTMF) and keep recording until hangup.
    • k - Keep recorded file upon hangup.
    • y - Terminate recording if any DTMF digit is received.


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