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This page provides information about general provisioning information about Digium phones, primarily for situations where multicast DNS discovery of DPMA or Switchvox is not possible due to network design or because the phones are not being provisioned to the DPMA or Switchvox.

Initial Boot Process

At boot, a Digium phone will check to see if its config_server_url configuration setting is populated.  This setting is populated if the phone has been manually or by-process pointed at a configuration server during a previous boot cycle.  

If the setting is populated, the phone will continue to use this same configuration server for the current boot and any subsequent boots unless the phone is manually or by-configuration pointed at a different server.

If the setting is not populated, because the phone is in the factory state (initial shipment from Digium or after factory-reset operation), then the phone will look for configuration servers.  If only one configuration server is found, whether it be an mDNS advertised configuration server or an Option66 advertised configuration server, then the phone will, after a countdown, connect to that server and store and use it on the current and subsequent boots.

If more than one configuration server is found, either of the same or differing types, where the types are mNDS and Option66, then the phone will interrupt the boot process and the user will be required to manually select the configuration server to use.

Configuration Retrieval

Digium phones can either retrieve their configuration directly from a DPMA or Switchvox system via SIP MESSAGE, or by being directed to an HTTP, HTTPs, FTP or FTPS host via DHCP Option 66. TFTP is not supported.