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  • Correct missing trailing parenthesis in dial plan

  • Re-implement BLF keys on unused line keys feature for D50 and D70 models

  • Correct issue with logos for D80
  • Correct issue with Send to VM permission
  • Correct issues with VM forward permission
  • Correct issues with Monitor permission
  • Correct issues with Intercom permission
  • Introduce dynamic BLF Items generation to improve behavior for all phones, and to provide Favorites support for D80


  • Integrated licensing code, removing need for separate digium_addons FreePBX Add-on.

  • Embed license register code


  • Address FREEPBX-9054, prevent license registration when DPMA is not installed


  • Address FREEPBX-9976, support for multiple parking lots as provided by Parking PRO


  • Add support for configuring TCP/TLS transports
  • Add support for D6x model phones
  • Add handles to manipulate:
    • D6x Logos
    • Multicast Page Listeners
    • 802.1X authentication


  • Add support for PJSIP configurations


  • Update for new FreePBX 13 core functionality

  • Remove en_US translations

  • Correct error on empty array

  • Now requires DPMA 2.2+ and firmware 2.0+

  • Add additional fixes to detect proper Astman

  • Add input sanitizing

  • Added options for default_fontsize and call_waiting_tone
  • Address locale and device_id issues

  • Fix a class loading problem

  • Support DPMA 2.1, D45 custom logos, tie phone PIN to voicemail option, and allow users to download any firmware package (not just the latest). 
  • Address bug with adding custom ringtones to a phone exclusive of any special alerts

  • Update to GPLv3 license and move all copyright into proper file

  • Firmware, Ringtones and Custom Applications have been moved into a separate directory that prevents them from being destroyed on module upgrade.

  • Abstract some internal functions

  • When firmware download errors occur, provide improved error reporting

  • When reloading, explicitly skip astman

  • Improvements to speed up retrieve_conf have been made

  • A missing firmware directory no longer causes the add-on to fail

  • Fixes for Custom Apps, External Line edit, Download and select firmware, Queue members and Status entries

  • Data was not being saved on the General settings page
  • Drag and drop for phonebooks and networks now works properly

  • Module moved to FreePBX repository

  • Styling and formatting changes to conform to FreePBX standards

  • Address PC Port QoS errata from

  • Added support for setting Phone Locale

  • Added support for manipulating VLAN tagging of phone's PC port on Networks tab (requires phone firmware 1.3.2 or greater)
  • Fixed bug with VLAN Discovery Type setting
  • Known Errata:
    • PC Port QoS setting is not properly set for phones

  • Firmware wasn't being stored in the proper location; this has been addressed

  • Massive rewrite and reorganization from previous versions made available with AsteriskNOW 2.x.


To use DPMA, registration is required. To register DPMA, a free, no-cost license key is required and may be obtained from Digium directly.  You may either click the "Get Free License" link from within DPAF as shown above, or you may go directly to the Digium store - http After signing in to your Digium account, adding a DPMA license to your cart and checking out, you will receive an e-mail that contains the key, such as: