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DAHDI is a collection of open source drivers, for linux, that are used to interface with a variety of telephony related hardware. It consists of two parts.

  • The DAHDI-Linux project contains the individual board drivers for the supported hardware. 
  • The DAHDI-Tools project contains an assortment of user space utilities that are used to setup and test the drivers.

Current Development Source



*note: The old svn dahdi repo is no longer maintained and is only kept around for historical purposes.

Stable Release Tarball


How to get help

Where can I file a DAHDI bug report?

  • If you think you have found a bug in DAHDI itself, you can submit it to our bug tracker in the DAHDILIN project. Much of the Asterisk Issue Guidelines will apply.
  • If your bug is with chan_dahdi (the Asterisk channel driver for DAHDI) then you'll file it in the ASTERISK project.