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Make sure that you have installed the linux kernel headers for your currently running kernel. By default, DAHDI will look for these in /lib/modules/`uname-r`/build. How to install stock headers varies from one linux distro to another.


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titleDebian & Ubuntu
apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`


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git clone git:// dahdi-linux
git clone git:// dahdi-tools
cd dahdi-linux
make install
cd ../dahdi-tools
make install
make config
dahdi_genconf modules
cat /etc/dahdi/modules
modprobe <previously listed detected drivers>
dahdi_genconf system

Your drivers should now be up and running and ready for use. This should leave you with a basic /etc/dahdi/system.conf customized for your existing hardware. You will likely want to edit the file to suit your specific needs.


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titleHow to test T1/E1 cards
cd dahdi-tools
make patlooptest
# Turn on digital loopback on span 1
dahdi_maint -s1 -l localhost
# Run a pattern test over channel 1
# If this passes with 0 errors, then you are looping data correctly from user space, through the hardware and back to user space correctly
./patlooptest 1 -t 10
# Disable local loop to allow proper operation
dahdi_maint -s1 -l off