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Comment: Added steps to the section: Uninstalling a Previous Version of pjproject. It is necessary to re-run the ldconfig command to ensure that all symbolic links are removed after the modules are deleted.


pjproject provides an uninstall make target that will remove previous installations.  It It can be called from the pjproject source directory like:


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# rm -f /usr/lib/libpj*.a /usr/lib/libmilenage*.a /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libpjproject.pc

Finally, you will need to update shared library links:

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# ldconfig

If you want to run a sanity check, you can verify that pjproject has been uninstalled by ensuring no pjproject modules remain on the system:

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# ldconfig -p | grep pj

If running the above command yields no results, that's it! You have successfully uninstalled pjproject from your system.