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titleAlembic makes upgrading less painful

As Asterisk changes and new fields are made controllable via realtime, the new Alembic scripts will be updated as well and change scripts are added so you will be able to simply run the alembic Alembic upgrade command again in order to modify your database.

While Alembic helps with database migrations within a release series (e.g., Asterisk 13.x.x) it does not work very well when jumping to a different release series (e.g., jumping from Asterisk 13.x.x to Asterisk 15.x.x).  Data loss is possible when jumping to a different release series.  Before a new series (e.g., Asterisk 15.0.0) is initially released breaking changes can be introduced that can result in data loss.

Always exercise due diligence and backup your database before upgrading though.  Tables can be fixed easily.  Repopulating the data if it's lost however isn't.

Please read the CHANGES file and the applicable UPGRADE files for important information about what changed between revisions.

Before you Begin

This tutorial assumes you already have some experience in setting up Realtime configuration with Asterisk for other modules. This page will not describe how to set up backend database connectors, and is written under the assumption that you will be using ODBC to connect to your database since the ODBC adaptor is capable of connecting to most commonly used database servers. For more information on configuring and setting up Asterisk Realtime, see Asterisk Realtime Database configuration.